Infinity Edge Swimming Pools

A swimming pool that appears to go into infinity

At Iguana pools, we can build infinity edge swimming pools. This is a particular style of pool that makes the edge look like it has no end. It is especially effective when you are on an oceanfront property and can look from your pool to the sea.

It can also be known as a negative edge pool, wet edge, zero edge pool, disappearing edge, or vanishing pool edge.

These pools are where the water flows over one or more edges, giving a visual effect of the pool having no boundary or edge.

There is no such thing as just a swimming pool, we can help you create your own vision with an infinity edge swimming pool.

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Iguana Pools are quality pool builders but we also do pool repairs. There are few things worse than finding the pool empty when it should be full. Our team of specialists offer resurfacing and repairs to your pools in the form of repairing cracks, leaks and damaged and mouldy pool surfaces.

Your pool may have been beautiful in the prime of its youth, but time takes its toll on all things eventually. Allow Iguana Pools to give you that stylish and professional solution to your worn out pool. We can fix that backyard pool and turn it into the pool of your dreams with guaranteed satisfaction.

We use only the best quality products for your pool. If you are in need of a product for your pool, or need help finding what you need, get in touch with Iguana Pools. 

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