Darryl H

Thanks so much the for the fantastic in-ground pool that you built for us.
We haven’t gone more than a day without being in the pool relaxing. And the kids can’t get enough pool time, even in the rain.
Right from the beginning the communication was fantastic what a swimming pool builder! You took the time to sit down and ask us what we wanted and you helped us design the pool that we wanted.

You weren’t pushy in the sales. When we said we wanted time to think things over, you gave us that time. You explained everything up front. There were no hidden costs. You even had us prepared for “worst case” expenses that we budgeted for but were not required in the end. There were NO hidden expenses.

During the construction, all went well. Your staff kept us informed of each stage and were so polite. They even entertained the endless questions the kids asked them. But you didn’t stop there! After the pool was finished you didn’t wash your hands of us. The follow-up customer service was exceptional, explaining the filter system to us and continued support to ensure we had no problems in maintaining the right levels of Magnesium and PH. And I’m not talking a week or two after construction. I’m talking several months of polite, hassle free follow-up over the phone and in person. On behalf of my family, thank you so much.

Date of Posting: 05 January 2017
Posted By: Darryl H
Voyager Point, NSW


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